MECK Pre-Kindergarten

Smart Kids’ Child Development Centers provide an early childhood experience through quality infant-care, toddler development (twos and threes), and school readiness programs. We also offer Pre-K Programs, After School Programs, and School Aged Summer Camp.

What is MECK Pre-K?

MECK Pre-K is a Mecklenburg County-funded program that aims to ultimately offer universal pre-kindergarten to all of the County’s 4-year-old children. We are adding new Pre-K classrooms across Mecklenburg County and working to enroll eligible children now.

Why should children attend Pre-K?

Decades of research have shown that Pre-K makes a difference in the school readiness of children. Not just in the short-term to get children ready to succeed in school, but in the long-term as children grow up, become employed, and contribute to the strength of the economy.

Participation in Pre-K fosters the development of the whole child through the following:

Social & Emotional Skills: Children will exhibit eagerness and curiosity as a learner, participate as a member of the class community, use words/adults to manage conflicts, and follow class rules and routines.

Creative Arts: Children will become aware of art and use materials for exploration and expression, become aware of music and participate in music experiences.

Scientific Thinking: Children will question and investigate through active exploration and seek answers or solutions through active problem solving.

Social Studies: Children will begin to understand the role of self and others as members of families and community, show an awareness of other cultures, and show an interest in caring for the environment.

Technology: Children will explore the computer and its components and use age-appropriate software to support learning.

Is your child eligible for MECK Pre-K?

Children eligible for MECK Pre-K must be four on or before August 31. Participation in MECK Pre-K is based on verified family income at or below 220% of the federal poverty level and household size. If you have considered or applied for and/or been wait listed for Head Start, Childcare Subsidy, or NC Pre-K, you could be eligible for MECK Pre-K.

For more information on the MECK Pre-K Program, call Smart Start of Mecklenburg County at 704-943-9585. You may schedule a screening appointment by emailing